Tulsa Health and Freedom Conference – April 2021
My recap of the conference speakers, topics, resources and calls to action.
The Health and Freedom conference this weekend in Tulsa featured an all-star lineup hosted by Clay Clark, ThriveTime show founder.  It was a spiritual, intellectual and emotional conference focusing on the major issues that have upended the world, the United States, public health and individual liberties over the last 16 months.  It provided attendees a chance to hear the unfiltered views of the people on the front lines who lived (and are still living) through the tumult of the Covid-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, experimental RNA treatments, riots, election fraud, propaganda, censorship, illegal immigration and a Marxist coup. I wanted to share my notes recapping the speakers and topics, along with the resources they provided and any calls to action they made.  I apologize for the ones I missed, but I didn't attend ALL of the sessions.  There were just way too many, and a lot of interesting people to connect with. A big shout out to Clay Clark for organizing and executing this thing in just 45 days.  Just goes to show you that DJ-ing, Selling and Entrepreneurship are better superpowers than flying, super-strength and being bulletproof any day.  And another shout out to the good people at Rhema Bible College who were brave enough to host an event of this size with this set of high profile speakers.  Amazing! You will find the conference videos on Rumble at the following link:  https://rumble.com/ThrivetimeShow
Day 1
  • Ian Smith, NJ Gym Owner, encouraged everyone to stand up and fight for your rights.
  • Pastor Greg Locke gave a bold message to not surrender to the radical left through silence.
  • Nurse Erin Olszewski discussed her experiences exposing fraud, negligence and greed in New York hospitals.
  • Phil Waldron, retired Information Warfare Army officer, said we are facing color revolution, asymmetrical warfare, and marxism, and we need to be thinking on strategic and tactical levels. On the strategic level, states are meeting to investigate elections. On the tactical level, we have to get involved in county and precincts, to run for office and learn to be poll workers (not watchers). Conservative Watch USA (https://conservativewatchusa.com/) can help you get started.
  • Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock.com and author of The Deep Rig, had a front row seat in the election fraud and Trump's unsuccessful effort to counter it. He pointed out that Rome's successful government was due to Polycentricity - many centers of government. Packing the court removes a branch of government.  Get involved with The America Project by texting USA to 84576.
  • General Flynn discussed fighting for our country.
  • Simone Gold, founder of America's Frontline Doctors, discussed the Religion of Public Health where facts are not relevant, beliefs control the outcome, believers need to convert others, and non-believers are condemned. Medical apartheid, segregating humanity based on compliance to medical treatments, is illegal and immoral.  America Frontline Doctors (https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/) offers Citizen Corps where you can get involved, along with reliable news and good information about effective treatments.
  • Charleen and Ty Bollinger, from TheTruthAboutCancer.com discussed how censorship kills by suppressing effective treatments.  And it started long before Covid-19.
  • Tulsa Sheriff Vic Regalado reminded everyone of the importance of our local Sheriffs as elected officials sworn to uphold the constitution of the US.
  • Mike Adams, host of the Health Ranger Show, gave a mind-blowing preview of his new book, The Contagious Mind.  Sign up to get it here:  https://thecontagiousmind.com/  My favorite quote:  "A war on carbon is a war on life."
  • Dave Lipsky is working tirelessly to create alternatives to the tech tyrants at Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms.  His team has created 9 new platforms.  Find them here:  https://ourfreedommg.com/
  • Anne Vandersteel had an eye-opening group that discussed the reality at the Arizona border that the Mainstream Media is silencing.
  • Brett Denton told small business owners how to gain access to the Paycheck Protection Program funding.  Find them at https://a10capital.com/ before the funding is gone.
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup presented the facts about what is in the Covid-19 jabs and what risks they present.
  • Jeffrey Prather discussed how to restore spiritual resiliency b restoring our spiritual and moral base.
  • Jim Caviezel discussed his new role in The Sound of Freedom in an emotional interview with Clay Clark.  The film tells the story of Tim Ballard, a former CIA operative, who quits his job as a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations to save children from cartels and human traffickers.
  • Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas discussed her fight in California against mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns and masks.  She's on fire.  Check out this video of her in action:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/vKFwRMyTYNmD/
Day 2
  • Mike Lindell is starting a social media and broadcast platform called Frank.  Register at https://frankspeech.com/ after 9am ET on Monday, 4/19/2021.
  • 1776 Forever Free - Community-based organization that supports the constitutional rights of all Americans.  Learn how to run for office and watch educational videos at https://1776foreverfree.com/.
  • Jim Meehan is a Tulsa Physician.  Please contact them if you have a child with a medical injury.  You can also donate on their web site to assist with Kimberly and Emily's mask-related complications and their fight to re-integrate with the rest of the school.
  • Anna Khait asked conference attendees to pray for our enemies because we cannot have a united country until they wake up.  Watch for information about Bengazi and the related players coming out shortly.
  • Oklahoma Senator Nathan Dahm asked Oklahomans to come to the State Capital on Tuesday at 6pm for a rally in Oklahoma City.  Three bills critical to our constitutional rights are being slow-walked by republican leaders.  Show up early to speak with your representative personally.
  • Melissa Tate is speaking out against the lies peddled by the left regarding race.  Check out her new book, Choice Privilege.
  • Dr. Shannon Kroner believes there is a risk with every vaccine, and with risk there must be choice.  Find a standard religious exemption form for adults and children on her website at https://forunitedsolutions.org/religious-exemptions.
  • Dr. Aaron Lewis discussed how to combat BLM.  No movement should take us away from our children and grandchildren.  He offers a 4-week virtual course. Contact him at draaronlewisphd@gmail.com.
  • Mike Smith was led by God to move to Nashville and create entertainment for Christians.  "But first you've got to wake them up".  See his important documentary, Out of Shadows, at https://www.outofshadows.org/.
  • Sidney Powell is starting a new PAC called Defending the Republic.  Learn about it and donate at https://defendingtherepublic.org/.
  • Simone Gold announced Front Line Doctors have assembled a new "Legal Eagle Dream Team" so that when you need a lawyer they will be there for you.  Their website has great resources including template letters to send to businesses and schools who require masks.  Find out more at https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/legal-2.
  • Patrick Byrne stated we probably have less than 2 years to come out of this OK. We don't have time to start a new party, so we have to take over the republican party from the inside.  Get involved in your local GOP, along with organizations like General Flynn and Sidney Powell are setting up.  Also, when you show up to local boards and legislatures to protest, remember the lesson of January 6:  keep things peaceful and suppress agent provocateurs.
  • Lin Wood:  Child sex trafficking is the real pandemic.  Protect the children.  Got the feeling he was unhappy with Newsweek.
  • Pastor Bill Cook discussed The Black Robe Regiment, an organization for pastors who want to join the battle. Revolutionary Pulpits are the last hope of a dying republic.  Join the movement on their website, http://www.blackrobereg.org/calls-to-action.html.

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  1. I would like to have a video on Bro Gregg Locke that was one of your speakers if possible, Give me some kind on input of the conference if I may.

    Lonnie Dale Mitchell 29418 8th Ave East Lakeview Estates.
    Ardmore, Alabama 35739 Thanks Lonnie Dale Mitchell

  2. I’m a retired Physician and Army Vet living in the NW (Lib-central). I’ve been trying to get many-many disc copies of the Tulsa H&F Conf, to help spread the word. Yous can bet that when our movement gets bigger & bigger, the very reliable net will mysteriously shut down! We’ve got to set up a comms network (paper & snail mail) for if & when that happens. Any way to get discs? (likely I just haven’t found the right site) Thanks, Ohanapecosh

  3. You all lead a good fight…
    It’s interesting, that on this page, the Mike Flynn speech has a shortest description, despite on the poster he is at center…
    (I came here to read the list, who else spoke there, before singling out his very inspiring call to action… While I understand it’s an important collective effort and all bring their skills for the common goal, which is our Liberation…)
    The People are waking up… (Maybe it’s too late? Better late than never… So called “woke” culture is a deception to make you detest waking up… But instead it’s needed very much…)


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